Why Practice Restorative Yoga During Menstruation?

How can yoga help women during menstruation? Try these poses to help your body and mind to restore.

For sure, we all know practicing Hatha yoga is highly beneficial for women, but are we sure we all know why? It is said the practice of Hatha yoga helps to strengthen the woman’s reproductive system. Cultivating inner energy along with keeping her reproductive system safe is essential for a woman’s health. One essential aspect women should look after is their blood as they lose some every month when menstruation starts. 


Yoga for Women: How Can We Help the Body’s Elimination Process?

So how can yoga help the elimination process during menstruation? In general, yoga is known for stimulating blood circulation. It therefore helps to keep the blood in good health and prevents blood-related-disease, for when the blood weakens and stagnates, respiratory capacity can also fail, and so can our bone density and digestive flow. All this ends up depleting our prana – life force. The risk of illness due to blood stagnation is higher when prana isn’t flowing through the body. Yoga can help women throughout their life and needs to be adapted when comes menstruation.


Restorative Yoga: A Relaxing Way to Help Prana Flow

During menstruation, all the energy in the body should aim towards the same purpose: elimination. By calming down the nervous system and relaxing our body and mind, Restorative yoga helps the body’s elimination and purification process. Restorative Poses are a good way to stimulate, but not overstimulate, blood circulation and help the body restore this time of the month. Restorative yoga is a soft but deep practice you can do, whether you’re menstruating or just want to allow the bodyto get some rest.

So which poses are highly recommended to create space in the body and let prana (life force) flow? You can start by trying these three restorative asanas on a regular basis and see how it feels.



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