Let’s Twist Again and Explore the Benefits of Half-Spinal Twist

Did you know that twisting poses such as Half-Spinal Twist help you cleanse and refresh your body from the inside? How? Let's read and find out!

A complete yoga sequence often consists of a variety of twists. One we meet particularly often is Ardha Matsyendrasana, Half-Spinal Twist. So, why do yoga teachers seem to love putting that pose when we come to a seated sequence? For sure, because this pose brings a significant number of benefits. Which ones? Let’s read and see, shall we?


The squeezing effect

When doing a twist, think of your body as if it were a towel that you squeeze. Squeezing your towel helps you eliminate the used water to make it, once released, all bright and shiny again. Well, the same thing occurs when doing Half-Spinal Twist. When you enter a twist, you squeeze your internal organs, cleansing them from toxins and impurities. Twisting, therefore, helps to cleanse the organs from the inside. 


Boosting our blood flow 

When squeezing your organs, Half-Spinal Twist also stimulates blood flow to get rid of impurities. That way, when you get out of the pose, the organs come back to normal, filled with fresh blood. Like many other twisting poses, Half-Spinal Twist helps stimulate blood circulation and brings a nice refreshing effect.


Bringing space to the spine

As you may have noticed, some of us have our joints making noise when stimulating them, like a balloon that explodes. Ever wondered why? Having joints that “crack” is nothing to be afraid of; when it occurs, it is said that the air (Vata) inside the joints is being relieved, creating more space between them. When doing a Half-Spinal Twist, you may have felt your spine making this noise, as if it were centering itself in its right place. Half-Spinal Twist, and other twisting poses, are a natural way to give back to the spine its natural range of motion. Twisting also helps to create space between the vertebras to avoid compression and vertebral collapse.


Five yoga tips easy to remember

  • One day, one Twist; kind of easy to remember, right? 
  • Don’t forget to include various poses of Twist in your yoga practice. 
  • Be careful not to rush through the pose; take the time to enter, hold, and go out of the pose safely. 
  • Always do both sides when doing a Twist so you don’t create inner imbalance. 
  • Remember Asana refers to the idea of comfort, so try to find some comfort and peacefulness while doing the pose.


So now, let’s twist altogether with MyPause Yoga!

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