Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Skip Savasana

If you've ever felt like skipping Savasana at the end of the class, chances you won't skip it again after reading this!

Have you ever wondered why almost every Vinyasa class ends up with Savasana? Vinyasa Krama means ordering in a particular order, step by step. So when creating a yoga class, the choice of the poses’ order is never random. A proper yoga teacher makes a class to bring something to the student physically, energetically, and mentally. As yoga teachers, we often see students in large classes leaving before the Savasana part. But, as it’s the case for all the other poses, putting Savasana at the end of the sequence has its own purpose. After learning a little more about it, you’ll probably think twice next time you want to skip Savasana. 


It stimulates our body’s memory. 


We often hear the body has memory. And why is that? As we know, Yoga is closely related to Ayurveda and, therefore, to Nature and its five elements – fire, water, earth, ether, and air. And among these elements, what does our body consist of the most? 60% of the human body consists of water, and water remembers. When ending the class with Savasana, you actually give the body the time to slow down and to start remembering what it just did. Remember; learning patience and how to take your time is the key to success and progress, in yoga as in life.


It is part of our journey inward.


In yoga, we work through the Five Koshas (Five Sheaths) from the thickest layer – the body – down to the true self, our most subtle sheath. Asanas (poses) mean to free the body from its patterns, relieving the many energetical blockings we have accumulated though life. In a yoga class, you mobilize your body quite much and you need to let it take the time to absorb all the information it has received through the sequence.  


It calms down our nervous system.


In Savasana, the body temperature drops quickly, so it is essential never to be cold while doing it. This phenomenon also allows the nervous system to slow down, leading the body to relieve tension and the mind to relax more easily. 


It helps committing to the present moment.


Whatever our physical and mental constitution, our modern way of life has led many of us to feel an imbalanced Vata energy. We’re always in motion, always moving, switching from one topic to another, feeling sometimes unstable, irregular, overwhelmed. One of the most challenging things for many of us is standing still, committing to the present moment. Savasana is physically doable for everyone. So what pose could be better to start cultivating dedication and presence?


It gives you such a fantastic feeling.


There is nothing like the alleviating feeling you can feel after a good Savasana. Doing Savasana the right way is very powerful on so many levels. So if you feel attracted only to challenging poses in yoga, I’d say this one is for you Savasana being energetically powerful and mentally challenging, it is therefore very difficult to do right. So are you up to the challenge?


In Sum, learning yoga teaches us that the real challenges often lie in what may seem like the simplest things. So let’s try to bear that in mind next time we feel like skipping Savasana.


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