Five Good Reasons to Use a Yoga App

No time to go to the studio? What if we brought the studio to you? Five good reasons to use an app and start yoga tomorrow from the comfort of your home.

Taking some time for ourselves isn’t always easy. Between working hours, family time, and social life, we sometimes get overwhelmed. But don’t forget that it is never the right time to take care of you, unless you make it the time. Including yoga as part of your daily routine can bring you various benefits; tranquility, calm, strength, flexibility, and focus. Sounds great, right? Then what’s stopping us from practicing more regularly? Among others, the very question of spare time seems to be a top issue. How to practice daily when you already feel like you’re running out of time? MyPause has taken up the task to give you this time (back). 

No time to go to the studio? Then let us bring the studio to you! 


Time for a yoga pause

You feel ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle but can’t find yoga classes that fit your schedule. Or maybe once in a while, but it won’t become regular. You’re losing your way between the different yoga styles, levels, and prices. In sum, you feel discouraged already, so why try?

Do you relate? Then first, don’t feel guilty! As you see, you are not alone. Of course, yoga wasn’t throught as a digitalized practice but our modern way of life and recent epidemic have led us to rethink the way it can be taught. The world is always in motion and to keep up, we chose to think a different way of teaching these ancient techniques while trying to keep their true essence.

Through our new yoga app, everyone, regardless of the gender, level or spare time, can start / continue a safe and healthy practice directly from home.


Enjoy a true beginner-friendly experience

Many beginners come with a wrong idea of what yoga is and the level of flexibility it requires. But there is no such thing as “not flexible” enough for yoga. Yoga is for everyone. You just need to adapt the practice to your strengths and limitations.

You still don’t feel comfortable going to a studio? No problem! MyPause Yoga is here to help you get acquainted with yoga from the comfort of your own home, without anyone watching or judging you. Choose your level, your focus, and adapt the duration according to your schedule. You can go back, pause, try again or even stop a class if you change your mind after a few poses, nobody will judge you. 

If trying a different class each time can be quite stimulating, it also prevents the student to truly master a sequence. With a yoga app, you can do both, either change or stick with a same class through various sessions. It’s totally up to you!

Start yoga the smart way and build flexibility, strength, and balance at your own pace from day one. 


Customize a class that suits you every day

You’ve been doing yoga for a few years and would like to take your practice to the next level and start self-practicing? Using an app can be a good alernative at home when you want to work on specifics. Be attentive of your emotions, mood and physical shape, and choose the right class for you each day or, better yet, customize your very own.

By choosing the duration, level, and focus, you ensure you practice something that suits you every day. And if you don’t feel comfortable in costumizing a class yourself, you can always choose among our wide range of classes.


Yoga made easier

Remember, yoga is adaptable, even if you only have 15 minutes to spare. If you feel low one day,remember that meditating for 5 minutes, doing a breathing exercise or just watching sunset or sunrise in silence is yoga. With MyPause Yoga, don’t hesitate to opt for short sequences as regularity is the key to improve you practice. Sticking to a daily yoga routine becomes easy and doable every day.

With high-quality content and clear expert instructions, practicing yoga safely from home has never been easier. 


Yoga as you love it, anytime, anywhere

Build a practice you love choosing when, how, where, and what to practice.

We’ve found a way to finally adapt the practice to you, not the other way around. With MyPause, you can evolve at your own pace, keeping track of your progress and maintaining a regular practice easily.

Are you ready to start a safe and fun practice at home? Check out our brand-new app and enjoy affordable, accessible, and fun yoga classes anytime you want.


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