Connect to Disconnect with MyPause Yoga App

What if you could disconnect from worries and stress in just one click? With the MyPause Yoga App, you can now enjoy a true yoga experience anytime you want.

Your time is precious. Your health should be a priority. Within our ever-connected world, it has become harder to find the time and place to disconnect. Some choose to take a break in the countryside for a weekend. Some go on a hike. We all seem to be looking for some peace and quiet to nurture our body and mind, and it is a shame we have to wait until our next holidays to do so. What if we told you you can now connect to disconnect anytime you need, anywhere you want? With MyPause Yoga App, wellness is now the size of your pocket. At MyPause, we make your health our priority, helping you to work towards your wellness goals at your own pace, from the comfort of your home. How? You’re about to find out! 


Are you running out of time?

Our brand promise is simple; we make time pause for you. How? By delivering a brand-new app aiming to give you back the time to take care of yourself. It is never the time to take care of yourself unless you make it so. We’re only here to give you the nudge.


Is being in shape among your new year’s resolutions?

Great! Discover creative yoga flows for all levels, bodies, and schedules. With MyPause Yoga app, we bet on simplicity and efficiency to help you reach your wellness goals. With our easy-to-use interface, browse through a wide range of classes and start building strength, improving flexibility, and relieving stress from day one. 


Never dared to try yoga before?

There is no such thing as “flexible enough” or “too old” for yoga. Yoga is for everyone. The practice can adapt indefinitely, depending on the person’s abilities and limitations; you just need the right tool to do so. Enters MyPause Yoga app! Subscribe and enjoy classes for all levels, suitable to your every mood and goals. Whether you have 15 or 60 minutes ahead of you, MyPause Yoga has the right match for you! 


With MyPause Yoga App, stick to a healthy routine the easy way

We all wake up sometimes without energy or motivation. But with MyPause Yoga app, this is no longer an obstacle to keeping your wellness routine alive! You can now customize your very own class choosing its focus, level of intensity, and duration. Do you need to relax? We have what you need. Do you need to get energized? You’ll also find a class that matches. That is the beauty of such an app. You can now escape and relax all at once without leaving the comfort of your own home. 


We believe wellness should be a life tool for fulfillment within reach to all. Our goal? Giving you the tools to work on your body, relax your mind, and make time for wellness, whatever that feels like today. 


Download MyPause Yoga app and treat yourself with a true yoga experience, whatever feels right for you today.

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